Community Advisory Group Application 

CheckBox is a secure online survey platform that allows applicants to provide their responses. Responses can also be sent in writing or vlog format to Hard copy applications will be mailed upon request. All applications, regardless of submission method, must include responses to all questions in the application questionnaire.

Thank you for your interest in the Provincial Medical Sign Language Interpreting Services (PMSLIS) Community Advisory Group (CAG).

As a direct result of the input received in 2018 from Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing communities across the province, the Provincial Language Service (PLS), a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is establishing a community advisory group to provide advice on the future model of the PMSLIS (currently known as MIS). The goal is to establish a group with a wide range of perspectives, needs and interests from across the province to help with the important work of moving forward with a future service framework and operations to better meet the needs of deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing British Columbians.

CAG establishes a deaf-led process for providing guidance and advice and makes recommendations to PLS staff for planning, design and ongoing monitoring of a new model for provision of the service across BC. The CAG is not a decision-making body. The final decision maker is the PLS Director/PHSA leadership.

The CAG will be formed based on two sets of criteria:

1.    Primary criteria consider diversity in terms of service use and geographic representation.
  • Diversity in type of language support required: We will seek to have representatives who are deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing.
  • Geographic representation: We will seek to have representatives from each of the following areas of British Columbia: Greater Vancouver, Interior, Vancouver Island, and Northern BC. 
2.    Secondary criteria consider the overall diversity of representatives related to the following categories ensuring membership is as diverse as possible:
  • Age
  • Indigenous ancestry
  • Ethnocultural background
  • Gender identity
  • Urban / non-urban
  • Immigrants/refugees
  • Deaf-plus
PLS will establish a neutral and unbiased selection committee that will be responsible for the initial appointment of CAG members. Members of the selection committee will not be eligible to apply to be a member of the CAG.

This application takes about 20 minutes to complete. We'll ask about:
  • Your contact information and preferences
  • How you use the current Medical Interpretation Services (MIS)
  • Where you live in the province, and other demographic information
  • How you think you can contribute to the work of the CAG
  • Your interest in serving on the CAG
  • Your community connections and networks.
If you need assistance with filling out the application form, please email us at, and we will provide support with completing the application. Support will be provided via VSR. We will ask you questions and write down your responses.

You can also respond to questions via email or submit responses in the form of an ASL vlog.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application, again please email us at or call 778-819-6541.

Privacy: Any personal information we ask you to provide is collected under s. 26(c) of the BC Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act. Your application will be treated with confidentiality. Your application will also be securely stored in the PHSA’s PLS Secured Network. Access to this information will be limited to the specific Delaney + Associates staff (consulting firm), selection committee, specific PLS employees, and translation service providers contracted specifically for this initiative. If you have any questions regarding the collection of this information, please contact: Kiran Malli at