CST Cerner Request for Access for THESE SITES ONLY:

  • BC Cancer - Abbotsford
  • BC Cancer - Kelowna/Victoria Pharmacy Supply Chain
  • BC Cancer - Vancouver
  • BC Cancer - Prince George
  • BC Children's Hospital
  • BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre
  • Bella Coola (Medical Imaging Only)
  • Forensics Psychiatric Hospital
  • Heartwood Centre for Women
  • Heiltsuk Hospital (HSK)
  • Lions Gate
  • Mount Saint Joseph (MSJ)
  • North Vancouver UPCC
  • Northeast, Southeast, Richmond City Centre, Richmond East UPCC
  • Pemberton
  • qathet General Hospital (Mammography Only)
  • Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health & Addiction
  • Sechelt
  • Squamish General Hospital
  • St. Paul's Hospital (SPH)
  • University of British Columbia Hospital (UBCH)
  • Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)
  • Vancouver Pharmacy Production Centre/BC Cancer Supply Chain
  • Whistler

For more information regarding CST Cerner Access & Training please visit the CST Cerner Operations website.

This form is used to request New Access or a Change of Access to the CST Cerner Access & Provisioning Team ONLY for sites that are live with CST Cerner. If you do not work at a live CST Cerner site, your access request may be denied unless otherwise agreed upon.

If you need access to the Train X0783 and Y0783 Domains (folder and icon in Citrix Storefront), please submit this Access Request Form and indicate in Additional Notes that you need access to the X0783 and Y0783 Domains for training purposes.

Access will not be granted until AFTER all learning requirements and the Privacy Module are completed. Please note, it may take up to 5 business days for the request to be processed. Once training is complete, it may take up to 1-2 business days for access to be granted. Please be advised that access request form will no longer be valid if training is incomplete within 3 months and a new form will be required.

If you have any questions, please call your Health Authority Service Desk.

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