Setting our Direction:

Child, Youth & Reproductive Mental Health Program at BC Children's Hospital


The Child, Youth, and Reproductive Mental Health Program of BC Children's Hospital is developing a new directional plan to guide our priorities over the next three years.

The purpose of this survey is to hear from our patients and their families, as well as other people who have experienced mental health challenges. We want to understand your experiences and opinions about our program’s strengths and challenges, and what you think are the most important opportunities for us to consider in the future.

We do not intend to identify you through your answers to this survey. When responding to open-ended questions, we encourage you not to provide any identifying information, such as names or position titles, in your answers to these questions. If you do provide individually identifiable information, this collection is authorized by section 26(e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The purpose of collection is to identify priorities for the new directional plan for the Child, Youth, and Reproductive Mental Health program at BC Children’s Hospital. The information collected will not be used for any other purpose. In reporting the results of the survey, we will not include individually identifiable responses.

For any questions, please contact Sarah Gustin, Program Manager, Projects, Quality Improvement & Evaluation (; 604-707-6383; 201-601 W. Broadway, Vancouver BC).