PHSA Indigenous Youth Wellness Programs Application

The PHSA Indigenous Youth Wellness Team is seeking Community Leads willing to coordinate, facilitate and report on Indigenous Youth Wellness Program(s) Ask Auntie, Cuystwi Phase 1 or Cuystwi Phase 2 (for ages 10-15) in 2024.

Successful applicants will receive program support to independently host one or more of the PHSA Indigenous Youth Suicide Prevention and Wellness Programs.

*Please note: Applicants not requiring support can access free programming at any time by contacting the PHSA Indigenous Youth Wellness team.

* Required
Who can apply?
  • Community members
  • Youth workers
  • Educators
  • Health Representatives

If you are interested in applying for the partnership opportunity but are not sure if you qualify, please contact the PHSA Indigenous Youth Wellness team.
Application Info Needed
  • Cover Letter
  • Community Profile Form
  • Year-End Review Report
  • Application due February 16th, 2024

If you do not wish to submit your application online, your completed application can also be submitted by email, as listed below:
Email: Please CC:

Attention: Grace Wells

Contact Information
Phone: 236-985-9635
The Ask Auntie and Cuystwi wellness quests are intended to be starting places for suicide prevention conversations among youth. Host communities are always encouraged to connect Ask Auntie and Cuystwi program activities with teachings and knowledge relevant to their youth and communities.
Ask Auntie and Cuystwi are completely free to use!
This partnership opportunity has been created to encourage communities to utilize this programming as a resource and to enable youth groups to lead youth programming in their community.

If you would like to access the programming before you apply, feel free to use the links below. If you would like to continue to use the programming in your communities, the PHSA Indigenous Youth Wellness team will be pleased to provide you with a personal, unique link to facilitate access to additional materials and resources, and specialized features, such as being able to track participant progress.

Ask Auntie:

Cuystwi Phase 1:

Cuystwi Phase 2:
Approval/Evaluation Process
  • Each application may choose one or more programs (i.e. Ask Auntie, Cuystwi Phase 1 or Phase 2)
  • Successful applicants will be those who demonstrate awareness and acceptance of reporting requirements with PHSA Indigenous Youth Wellness Programming
  • Although an application may meet all application requirements, financial and program support is dependent on the amount of applications received and the diversity of needs
  • Applicants may apply for any amount. The amount requested will not factor into the selection process.
  • Applications will be reviewed by an Indigenous Youth Wellness Committee

*If you are having difficulties submitting applications, or need additional resources or feedback please do not hesitate to seek assistance from our team!*

Cover Letter

*Tell us about your youth group of the group you would like to start with our support.
*What is your role or connection to the community for which you are applying for support?
*How will you use Ask Auntie and/or Cuystwi with your youth group?

Support Summary: Projected Expenditures

*Does not need to be exact, it just needs to highlight where the support will most be utilized and aid in the planning/reporting process in relation to your requested amount. See below for an example.*

Example Support Summary

Speaker, Instructor, or Facilitator Fee: $1500
Facility Rental Cost: $500
Workshop Materials: $500
Catering: $700
Snacks: $300
Field Trip: n/a
Transportation: $500
Elder/Knowledge Keeper Honorarium: $1000
Other: n/a
Total: $5000

Community Profile

*Who does your group mostly consist of?
What Indigenous Peoples does your youth group mostly consist of?

Contact Information

Program Information:

State which program(s) you will be choosing (you can select more than one program):
*Support Requested: $
Thank you for completing our online application!

You will receive a confirmation email within three business days. If you do not receive this email please contact us ( CC: to ensure your application has been submitted for review.