Patient Stories Project

We want to hear how you are doing.

As your healing journey with COVID-19 continues, you may find that sharing your story can be therapeutic for you as a patient. COVID-19 has been a challenging time for all of us, and sharing your story can not only help you, but we know it helps re-affirm the purpose and value of the work we do every day.

Participation by patients, family, or caregivers are welcome and involves answering the following questions, and if you wish, please submit a couple of recent pictures. To see an example of what your patient story will look like, please see Jaclyn's Story.  If you would rather speak to someone in person, please contact

Our hope is that in answering the following questions and sharing your story, we can better understand and learn from your experience. 

*What location did you receive care from?
1. How did you feel when you found out you had COVID-19?
2. What happened when you were sick with COVID-19?
3. What has helped or inspired you during this time?
4. What is life like for you after having COVID-19?
5. What do you want people to learn from your story?
6. Please share a photo of what your life is like for you today

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7. Please share with us a photo of part of your journey (optional)

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Is there another photo you would like us to include? (Optional)

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Consent to share your story

Your participation is voluntary.  At any time, you may choose to remove your story without any negative impact on your access to further services from Vancouver Coastal Health or Providence Health Care by emailing the Patient Experience Team at Completing the fields below indicates that you consent to participate and share your story with the team(s) that looked after you.
*Please read the Patient Stories Consent Form at Patient Stories Project Consent.pdf and check one below. 
On behalf of the VCH/PHC teams that cared for you, we thank you for considering sharing your story through the Patient Stories Project.
*We may like to contact you in the future to ask additional questions about your experience, invite you to share your story in person, or to participate in other quality improvement or education opportunities related to the topics identified in your story. Can we contact you in the future?