Community Consultation Survey To Improve Services for Trans, Nonbinary, and Two-Spirit Sex Workers on Lkwungen and W̱ŚANÉC Territories

This project will aim to make essential services for sex workers safer, more accessible, and relevant to the needs of the trans, non-binary, and two-spirit (TN2S) community.

TN2S people, especially trans women, are disproportionately represented in the sex trade. Further, both the TN2S community and sex workers are more likely to experience economic marginalization, unstable housing, unmet physical and mental healthcare needs, gender-based violence, harassment, and stigma. These same experiences also make it difficult to access service and support organizations. TN2S sex workers thus experience intersectional vulnerabilities and needs. Our organization remains the primary or only service contact for local sex workers, however Peers struggles to reach TN2S sex workers with our services. This survey will help ensure our attempts to improve services at Peers will be guided by the self-identified needs of the community we serve.

TN2S Sex Workers who participate in the survey will receive a $20 honoraria, please include your email information on the following survey page to claim this honoraria. Your privacy is important, all information provided in this survey will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous. 

While we appreciate all feedback, only surveys completed up to at least 50% with substantive answers will qualify for honoraria. In an effort to make sure our resources are distributed responsibly, if the answers given in your response are limited we may reach out directly for further information before providing an honoraria to you.